Hukluban, Tagalog Goddess of Death + New Moon in Scorpio

Artwork by Vaughn Pinpin, 2013

Artwork by Vaughn Pinpin, 2013

Hukluban is the shapeshifting Tagalog goddess of death who can transform herself into any form she desires. She is one of the goddesses of Kasamaan, the Tagalog equivalent of hell, and her name means “crone” or “hag” or from the old Tagalog word huklob which means "enchantment." She can kill someone by simply raising her hand, but she can also heal as easily as she can slay. 

Today’s New Moon is about the key energy of Scorpio—transformation. Scorpio brings her alchemy of transformation and reminds us to shed outmoded forms of being, so that we can shapeshift ourselves into a new reality and our spirit can soar to new heights. Scorpio helps us align with the Dark and takes us on a journey into the underworld, to commune with the hidden mysteries within, our subconscious and the deeper, darker, more intuitive side of who we are. The New Moon falls one day before Halloween and two days before Undas (Philippine Day of the Dead), a time when the veil between dimensions is thinnest, and this New Moon will amplify this energy. The spirits of our ancestors are with us. As we call forth their wisdom, they remind us to awaken to our fullness before we shed these skins. Take time to sit in the dark with candlelight and listen for the messages, signs and insights from the other worlds. Throw everything into the fire that no longer serves you. Honor your ancestors and their dreams. The Scorpio archetype is The Healer, The Shaman, and the Alchemist. Use your power for healing work, and listen to your imagination today to discover what deep soul longings want to be reborn within you.


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