New Moon in Sagittarius

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Today’s New Moon in Sagittarius brings in a hella welcome optimistic, abundant, sunny, and hopeful energy. Lucky Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, planet of expansion and the big picture. Out of the ashes and into the light, this New Moon helps us to think bigger and open ourselves to a new wave of positive and abundant energy. The last New Moon fell in the watery, intuitive sign of Scorpio, and in that cycle the Universe encouraged us to dig deep and uncover hidden emotions in order to release them. If Scorpio energy was beckoning us to go into the darkness within, Sagittarius energy beckons us to stretch out into the light. The Sagittarius New Moon is also going to trigger a cycle of awakening. In many ways, we are going to feel reborn and replenished after a long and hard year of cleaning out the metaphorical closets. This New Moon energy is also going to shift our awareness away from what we have let go of and onto where we are now, helping us to reflect and celebrate how far we have come and how much we have achieved. We all deserve to honor, thank and nourish our souls for the last 11 months. The New Moon highlights our creative potential to manifest and go after our desires. If there is something that you want to achieve or change in your life, now is the perfect time to put plans into place. This New Moon is going to support you to think bigger, be optimistic, and focus your attention on the best possible outcome.


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