Full (Super)Moon in Gemini

Collage by Chani Nicholas

Collage by Chani Nicholas

Tonight's Full Moon in Gemini is the final Full Moon of 2016, and the 3rd in a series of Supermoons that have focused on bringing illumination to the world. 2016 has been a heavy year of endings and release, whereas 2017 is a year full of new beginnings and fresh starts. This Full Moon is one of your final assessment points where you will be able to review what you've learned and what you are bringing with you into the new cycle. If there is energy you are still processing, if there are issues that are still coming up for you, they will join you in 2017 unless you make a conscious effort to transcend them now. If you really feel ready to shed, release, let go, and transform into your fullest potential, the Universe will offer you an invitation. Gemini is the sign of communication and the main message here is to speak your truth and begin the conversation about something that is important to you and perhaps long overdue. In true Gemini style, this full moon is multifaceted in its lessons. Now is the time to invest in understanding the complex reality of our situation and to double down on creative responses to it. Now is the time to reinvent or completely renounce the institutions that do not have our freedom and well-being in mind. Now is the time for greater engagement from each and every one of us.

Gemini syncs up with communication, inquisitiveness, research, and imagination. How do you talk about what you want? Who do you talk to as opposed to who you want to be talking to? How can you change your language to be more in alignment with who you are turning into? Pay attention to your self talk - how are you speaking to yourself about yourself? Take the time to reflect on what has shifted in your life this year. Affirm that whether things have shifted for the "good" or the "bad," that they are happening for a reason, and that you are expanding and opening yourself up to new opportunities.

Full Moon in Gemini Ritual: Writing Yourself a Letter

*Adapted from Many Moons: 2016 Workbook Vol. 2 July-December by Modern Women

Suggested Tools: Paper, writing instrument, candles in any color you are feeling drawn to.

Suggested Affirmation: "I celebrate my hard work and the maps I create for my personal journey. They serve my inner strength and vision."

During this Full Moon time think about where you would like to be in six months' time. Get as detailed as possible. Withhold any self-doubting thoughts; know that the only eyes on this will be your own. What would you be looking at every morning? How would your curiosities and intellect be engaged? How would your space be decorated? Would you be getting accolades, recognition, and where? How much income would be coming your way? Would your relationships, intimate or otherwise, be the same or different than they are now? Think about what the majority of your activities would be, how you would feel in body and mind. Who would you be serving? What people would you be helping? Feel free to scribble over many pieces of paper, taking as long as you need. 

Now, write the letter to yourself describing all of your wishes in the present moment. Ex: "My career in ______ takes me to places like _____. The people I meet are kind, interesting, and helpful. I'm in a position of opportunity and expansion" etc. Take a tone of congratulations on a job well done. Let yourself know how grateful and appreciative you feel that you took all the steps needed to get yourself to your current state of abundance, calm, joy, and ease. Acknowledge that the work is an ongoing effort but that you are happy to take it on as the payoffs are so great. Thank yourself, any ancestors, guides, deities, and the universe for helping you.

Make a copy of this letter or rewrite it by hand. Burn the first copy in ritual. Affirm that the fire will stoke dreams, wishes, and hopes. Stow the second copy away somewhere and put a note on your calendar to reopen it in six months' time. Tell yourself that you will do everything in your power to get to that place, and bring more of that place into your life in the present moment. Let yourself feel excitement and gratitude for the present and future.


Resources: Many Moons: 2016 Workbook Vol. 2 July-December by Modern Women, Gostica

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