New Moon in Capricorn

Image courtesy of  Moonology

Image courtesy of Moonology

Phew. Ok boos, so as we all know 2016 has definitely been one for the books. Hella shit happened for like, everyone. I've been seeing a lot of posts on social media with people saying "F**k 2016" and talking about what a terrible year it was, but I choose to take away something a little different. On a personal level, this year I've gone through what some would consider one of the "worst" experiences possible - getting cancer - BUT have also finally started doing work that truly fulfills me, healed a shitload of trauma, completely shifted my outlook on pretty much everything, went to the Philippines for the first time ever, and deeply felt my own resilience and divinity. If we're open to it, circumstances and changes we might not have wanted or envisioned for ourselves can really clear the way for a lot of growth...and hope! 

This morning's New Moon in Capricorn has a peaceful and gentle energy that will be helping all of us to reflect on our goals for the year ahead and on what type of energy we want to take with us into the new year. Under the calming influence of this New Moon we will be guided to plant our first seed for 2017, in soil that we have preparing for a long time. This New Moon pushes us to step up and take responsibility for ourselves and for our lives. We may not be in control of everything that comes our way, but we are definitely in control of how we handle everything that comes our way. This has been a year of release, endings, and finding out exactly what we want from life—and from others. It’s been a time of moving away from the ideals of those around us and instead working toward our own truth, of growth and of seeing situations for what they really are. Many people have felt the crashing down of illusions or outdated structures this year, and the energy of this New Moon gives us time to think about how we are going to rebuild for the future. Capricorn energy is very practical, earthy and grounded but is also about our outward expression and about taking responsibility for what energy we choose to co-create with. Under the darkness of this New Moon is the perfect time to start recharging your energy and cleansing away any psychic debris you might have collected throughout the year.

Because Mercury is currently in retrograde, this combination of energy is likely to bring new information to the surface or new facts that need to be addressed. Secrets may be revealed or you may uncover a hidden truth. One suggestion is to focus inward, on building up and working with internal growth. This New Moon is also laced with the energy of love, and love and relationships will be highlighted - not just romantic relationships, but all relationships that we have with other people. The time has come for us to really think about who we are surrounding ourselves with and who we want to continue to walk alongside on our journey. Under this New Moon, weak relationships may be tested and you may find that some of the final releasing for this year is from relationships that are no longer serving your highest good. 

Capricorn is symbolized by the patient and sturdy Mountain Goat climbing the rocky trail—stumbling, getting up again, forging ahead. Persistence is this sign's specialty. The thing about Capricorns is that they are ambitious, sometimes quiet, but always working toward their goal—just like us this past year. The Capricorn New Moon urges you to remain calm and conserve your energy. What are you planning for yourself and your dreams? How are your responsibilities, career path, and emotions synced up? How are you giving yourself permission - permission to be happy, permission to check in with your intuition, permission to be the one and only master authority of your life and dreams? How are you going to commit to taking up space, to affirming what you are capable of, and following it through? We have all been working so hard in 2016 and now it is time to plant the first seed in new soil. This seed is going to be our first bloom for 2017 and it is going to smell sweeter, beam brighter and light up our entire pathway for the year ahead. This new moon in Capricorn is the peak of the mountain we’ve been climbing this entire year, the summit of all of our experiences, and now is the time to stop, take a look around and enjoy just how far we’ve all come and how exciting the future will be.

New Moon in Capricorn Ritual: Dream Building & Intention Setting

*Adapted from Many Moons: 2016 Workbook Vol. 2 July-December by Modern Women

Affirmation: "I give myself permission to build my dreams. My commitment brings in many opportunities."

Suggested Tools: Paper, pen, oven-bake clay or putty

Get clear on what you want to invite in in the new year, and what you would like to see unfold. Jot down a few different categories: health, career, relationships, etc. Do at least three, and no more than nine. Under each, write a few phrases of what you'd like to see happen. Now brainstorm a few totems or symbols for each. Think about how you could construct them out of the clay, and make a little symbol/totem for each of your dreams. It doesn't matter how professional it looks; it is more about building and creating a symbol with your own two hands. While the clay is baking in your oven, take a minute to set up your altar and meditate on your desires, authority, and commitment. Once the sculptures are out of the oven and cooled, put them on your altar or on a shelf or windowsill where you can see them, a reminder of all that is coming to you in the coming months. In the Spring, you can bury them in the Earth and plant seeds over them to symbolize all of your beautiful intentions coming to fruition.


Resources: Forever Conscious, Collective EvolutionMany Moons: 2016 Workbook Vol. 2 July-December by Modern Women, MindBodyGreen, Elephant Journal

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