Peep Kehlani's Latest Single "Advice" off SweetSexySavage

Kehlani premiered her latest single "Advice" today on Beats1 off her new album SweetSexySavage that's set to drop at the end of January. The song is pop-leaning ballad that finds Kehlani pleading with herself to take her own advice. "I was just out of a really bad relationship with someone who I really thought who was going to be like the one person for me and ended up showing me so many times that they weren't," Kehlani explained, opening up in her interview with Zane Lowe about the making of this song, "I realized there’s a bunch of girls who are going through the same thing and they needed to hear from somebody...It was really like, a healing thing rather than us just making a song." The single has a super empowering message about seeing people and situations for who and what they really are, and having the strength to walk away. Check out the track below.


Resource: Complex

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