Pekpek Power! A Beginner's Guide to Yoni Eggs

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Let me start by saying there is absolutely nothing in this world that will prepare you for the sensation of a “surprise-egg-laying,” nor can you proceed with this if you aren’t prepared to laugh at yourself.

The yoni egg, as many of you may know, is described to be a delicate, enlightening, rejuvenating, encouraging, and even powerful tool to get in touch with your pekpek, your yoni, your kundalini, and your inner self. In my experience, this is absolutely true – but only if you can tame her.

In this post, you’ll learn that channelling the true “power of the pekpek,” or yoni, is also allowing one to build an appreciation for the self by knowing this part of the body that somehow, in modern society, has become nothing short of a censored mystery.


Unlocking the Power of the Pekpek

Your pekpek or yoni is absolutely sacred, and the power of it deserves to be recognized and exercised. In sanskrit, Yoni is a word that means, “sacred temple” and references the vagina. Similar to kegel balls and the like, women used yoni eggs to strengthen their pelvic muscles for the purpose of physical strength and tightness, with the added benefit of heightened arousal and sensation allowing for pleasure for both the self and the partner.

Long story short, this egg will help strengthen your vagina and has the potential to increase your sexuality AND make your orgasms stronger. And as any like-minded individual would be, I was enticed to this mysterious yoni egg. What did she have in store for me? What would she teach me?

This is where shit absolutely gets real – nothing really can prepare you for the sensation of a surprise “egg-laying.” Why it came as a surprise, you’ll find out soon.

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After receiving my egg, I waited a few days to begin my exploration. I honestly had no idea what to expect. I chose the Quartz Yoni Egg from Chakrubs, because I was allured by its ability to connect to the physical and spiritual dimensions of the mind, raising energy to the highest possible level.

I chose to get a non-drilled egg, for sake of cleanliness and in my mind, I felt better having a solid crystal to place inside me versus one with a hole – but that’s just my preference. I prepared my egg, and created my “safe space,” took a deep breath, and in it went. To be absolutely honest, my body sort of inhaled it. It was kind of funny, really. Just like that, it was inside of me and once I realized that it was now sitting atop my pelvic floor, I was rushed by so many different emotions. To feel its cool exterior was refreshing and I was in awe of what just happened. At one point, I could hardly feel it and exactly when I couldn’t feel it was when I started to freak the fuck out.

How do I get this thing out of me?! Immediately, I was trying to fish the egg out of me, and lo and behold my yoni would just suck it back in! I was laying on my back, so I thought if I sat up, maybe gravity would do it’s thing, and it would come right out. Turns out my p*ssy is stronger than I thought, because I sat up, and to no avail, I still had an egg inside of me.

I laid back down. My boyfriend comes in the room and after realizing what the hell I was doing, he said something coy, I laughed, and suddenly, this egg literally projects out of my vagina, and there it was. On the bed. Like nothing ever happened.

It took a second for me to process what just occurred. What had my body just done? And in retrospect – it was amazing what the yoni space can accomplish, what strength can be discovered from deep inside you – literally. I was curious to know more and it was almost appalling to realize that after spending my whole lifetime in my body, that there was still things I had yet to know. Even now, it blows my mind that I could even be more in touch with my body as muse. My body as a medium. My body as an art piece – as a puzzle, as a journey. This yoni egg opened up a whole new realm of exploration and conscious self-growth that I hadn’t even thought to tap into.

I had yet to create a spiritual and physical relationship with this egg and am humbled by the experience. I understand that there is much I have left to learn – and forever will I be a student. The path to enlightenment isn’t some easy fast-track. The journey is the beauty, and this yoni egg has inspired a new exploration of the body through the chakra centers, starting with the sacral.

I begin to build, and I can visualize my chakras moving in unison, without wobble – and here I am, beginning on a juicy journey – I can feel the bliss forming from a deep, carnal, space inside of me – and the pleasure of this attunement was something that couldn’t be replicated by anything else but the satisfaction of the act of feeling itself. To feel made me feel so alive.


Beginners Guide to Yoni Eggs

Finally – here’s the nitty gritty of what you need to know about yoni eggs:

Yoni Eggs come in different sizes.

Yoni eggs typically come in small, medium, or large. While the most popular size is medium, many beginners choose to begin with the large egg first. While it may seem counter-intuitive, larger eggs are easier to carry above the pelvic floor because there is more surface area to hold on to. As your dexterity and expertise increases, going down in size will allow for growth and challenge.

Large, medium, small yoni eggs / Photo:  Yoni Egg Yoga

Large, medium, small yoni eggs / Photo: Yoni Egg Yoga

Yoni Eggs are available in different types of stone.

I chose a Clear Quartz for my first yoni egg. However, many popular stones include Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and Jade. Which crystal calls to you? If you’re having trouble choosing a stone, I like to meditate on either what calls to me, or what the stone itself offers. For example, a rose quartz stone may help with healing the heart as it pertains to the heart chakra. Sometimes, we may feel drawn to a crystal for no specific reason at all. Go with your instincts.

Different exercises you can do to strengthen:

Kegel Exercises – the simple flex and push of your pekpek muscles. Don’t over work yourself here. Do what feels right. To find your pelvic floor muscles, try stopping your urination midstream. If you succeed, you've got the right muscles. This is what it means to flex your pelvic floor muscles. Try this in any position you can think of. Squatting, laying down, standing up, sitting upright, get creative. You can try holding your kegels, or try repetitions. Do what feels right for you.

Pekpek Breathing – Not exactly what it sounds like. As you do your kegel exercises, try this: Breathe in when you flex, and exhale when you release. Repeat if wanted.

Clean your egg (before and after use):

In order to keep the pekpek safe, proper hygiene and sanitation is absolutely necessary. Unscented soap and warm water is a perfect way to cleanse your stone. Lather and wash thoroughly - and don’t forget to properly dry your egg. Store your egg in a safe place like a cotton or silk pouch, completely covered. When not in use, you may also treat your egg to a cleansing as you would another crystal. Cleanse with salt and warm water or bathe it under a full moon to give it an extra charge.


Here’s to praising the pekpek power in you. Explore often and safely.

And when you’ve tried one, let me know your experience in the comments below. I’d love to hear about your journey!




Colleen Grace


Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Colleen is a California-based reiki master, budding herbalist, and writer for her personal holistic wellness blog, Om in Bloom. As a 2nd generation Filipina and advocate for people of color in wellness, she strives to inspire others to explore all the Earth has to offer through holistic practices. Over 10 years of Folk Dance experience with PASACAT Philippine Performing Arts Company in San Diego has exposed her to many beautiful intersectional lenses across various regions of the Philippines and ignited her passion and appreciation for her culture and history. Today, she continues to explore through her research in ancient Filipino healing, and hopes to uncover the holistic practices amongst her ancestry.

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