#MusicMonday: K Rizz "If It Ain't Foreign It's Borin" Video

 Photo by Oliver Mint for Ladygunn

Photo by Oliver Mint for Ladygunn

K Rizz aka Slayrizz aka the Filipina Princesa's new visual for "If It Ain't Foreign It's Borin" premiered on Ladygunn this weekend accompanied by a fire editorial with super cool deconstructed Filipiniana by designer Keith La Fuente. The second verse is our fave as we see K Rizz vogue and twerk to lyrics like "When I'm pulling up it's a bagyo / Yeah I'm that bitch, walang bago" in a karaoke style video against a computer-synthesized futuristic hyper-"Asian" world. Self-directed by the Slaysian Mutha herself, she "reclaims a menagerie of Asian imagery while referencing issues of cultural appropriation and fetishization in the song's lyrics" - peep the video below and see the rest of the photos and interview at Ladygunn here.


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