#MusicMonday: BP Valenzuela "bbgirl" Video

Here at HP we are huge fans of singer-songwriter/producer BP Valenzuela, one of the most exciting young musical talents coming up in Manila right now. "bbgirl" is the first single off her 2nd full-length album Crydancer, slated for release in July, and we've been watching this video on repeat since it came out earlier this month. She buzzed onto the local music scene in 2013 with her cleverly-titled be/ep EP, and her first album The Neon Hour propelled her to scene stardom two years later. She creates ambient, minimalistic bedroom pop that combines raw feelings of love and loss with slow, catchy electronic beats in a way that feels super vulnerable and organic. 

The video for "bbgirl" was directed by and features "shoegaze R&B" artist no rome (another rising star affiliated with Ryan Hemsworth's Secret Songs label), and captures the feeling of falling in love so perfectly. The whole video has this slow, hazy summer vibe that makes me feel nostalgic for high school and young love - summer, making out, lazy days filled with skating, smoking, hanging out on rooftops, passing time in the way teens do. Not to mention the adorable queer femme romance and sweet and swoon-worthy lyrics like "you could be the kind of girl who sends me swirling into life."

When asked about the vulnerability in the title of her new album, BP told Bandwagon, "I learned that it is okay to cry in a club, and maybe still dance. I don't believe in propriety anymore, and I generally think that the world and the systems in place have failed my generation - and it's more motivation to tell someone I love that I love them, tell people who suck to change, and to let people feel like it's ok to be who they are."

True. Peep the video below <3


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