Hanan, Tagalog Goddess of Dawn + Full Moon in Scorpio

Artwork by  Renz Rubpen

Artwork by Renz Rubpen

Hanan is the goddess of the morning or dawn in Tagalog mythology. She is the sister of Mayari, the goddess of the moon, and Tala, the goddess of stars, and one of the three daughters of Bathala by a mortal woman, who died after giving birth to them. Bathala didn't want anything to happen to his three beautiful daughters, so he brought them to live up in Kaluwalhatian, or the Skyworld, with him. Before long, these three demigods were given specific roles: Mayari, Hanan, and Tala became the Tagalog goddesses of the moon, morning, and stars, respectively.

Just like Hanan, the bringer of the dawn, tomorrow's Full Moon in Scorpio lights up the dark and lets a little light shine in. Scorpio energy is all about transformation and reaching higher levels of consciousness. This Full Moon is likely going to help open your consciousness to a new level so you can see things in a different light. May’s Full Moon marks a turning point in the year when important decisions will need to be made, and an opportunity to embrace and accept any recent changes. Full Moons, after all, are about completion. It is also going to bring about a powerful transformative shift that will really allow you to move forward. After the energy of this Full Moon starts to fade, you may be feeling a greater sense of understanding of the road ahead. Something in our lives needs to evolve and either close out or be taken to the next level.

Under the influence of the Scorpio Full Moon, unexpected situations or events will likely be uncovered and delivered to us. These discoveries may not be the most pleasant, but they are necessary. I feel like people need to stop being be so fearful of the misunderstood dark and mysterious Scorpio energy (ahem, Scorpio here lol). Instead, let’s dive in and really try to understand its transformative energy so we can use it to our advantage. One of the keys to understanding our situations is to actually open up the door and let some light in, which is exactly what this Full Moon will do.

Things may feel a little uneasy leading up to the Full Moon as changes may be in the air, but the best way to manage this energy moving forward is to remember your personal power. This power gives us the ability to step up and take responsibility over our lives, no matter what troubles we find ourselves in. Very often we forget that we have a strength and a power within us. The minute we give away our power, it becomes hella difficult to deal with the situations that life throws our way. Part of understanding your personal power is knowing that you are not alone, many ancestors and guides are on your side to help you move through life. The Scorpio Full Moon is one of the most powerful for reaching out to ancient ancestors and guardian spirits. It is also believed to be one of the best Full Moons for rituals and manifestation work.

Whatever stirs for you this week, let the Moon be your guide and see if you can be open to viewing things from a higher level of consciousness. See what situations and events the powerful Scorpio energy shines a light on for you. Be open to where the Universe is directing you and know that when you claim your power, there is no mountain too high or obstacle too difficult.


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