#MusicMonday: Gingee's Bundok EP


This #MusicMonday, our fave DJ/producer/vocalist Gingee is back with her Bundok EP which dropped at the end of December.  This is part 1 of a 4 part album to be released throughout the year on every equinox/solstice, syncing her creative rhythms to that of mother nature. Bundok ('mountain') features sounds and collaborations from Gingee's world travels with artists like Banginclude and Anna Morgan from NYC, Hataah from Babylon Records in Hungary, Mario Leofer M. Lim of the Kalumon Performance Ensemble in Davao, Philippines, and DJ Ethos of Subsuelo crew from Los Angeles. Influences range from dancehall, bmore, and moombahton to baile funk and freestyle and are sprinkled throughout with live percussion and raps/vocals.

Stream and buy via Gingee's Bandcamp here

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