Letter From the Editor: December

Oof. So November happened. As some of y’all might have noticed, we went on a lil unplanned hiatus cuz #ScorpioSeason lol, retrogrades up the ass and some massive internal and external shifts up in here. Don’t trip, yr girl is alive and staying blessed but like I was out here for a minute yo and all I know as I’m starting to come out on the other side of some real left-field-gotcha-bitch type of confusion is that change is one of the only constants we can depend on in this life. And it can be fucking painful. But it’s also necessary to keep evolving, growing, and moving forward. Like the Wheel of Fortune in the tarot, the universe is always going to throw us curveballs that change the trajectories of our lives and our perceptions of who we thought we were, who we were becoming, and where we were going. The lesson we have to take away is: just roll with it. Because there’s no stopping it once the wheel is in motion.

The past few months I been stepping into my personal power after many years laying dormant, and going deep on some meditation around change, transformation, timing, and fate. I been following the breadcrumb trail the universe been leaving for me in startlingly clear signs and synchronicities, stars and infinity symbols that tell me I’ve been here before in other incarnations and that in this current one, I’m exactly where I’m meant to be (I mean always, duh). The portal has opened and there’s no going back to who I was before - even if it felt safe there, wrapped in a cocoon of limiting beliefs and myths I’d created for myself about who I am and what I deserve. Like the Wheel of Fortune, the world keeps on turning whether we’re ready to step into our destiny or not; we can choose to fight it or we can choose to flow with it. Change can be exciting, and terrifying, but either way: it’s inevitable. As the legendary Frida Kahlo once said (and I hope this is an actual quote from her and not one of those weird Hitler Quotes Disguised as an Inspirational Taylor Swift Meme bcuz internet):

Nada hay absoluto,
todo se cambia,
todo se mueve,
todo revoluciona,
todo vuela y se va.

Nothing is absolute,
everything changes,
everything moves,
everything revolutionizes,
all flies and goes.

As I move through change, I realize that I am infinitely stronger than I was before. That I’m able to be my own center and my own peace, and that none of us are ever truly alone. The creator is everywhere within and without, in every cell of our beings, in every corner of our souls. And even if we aren’t physically with someone anymore, I believe that when we join together in genuine love it creates something new both inside us and out in the universe that never existed before - or perhaps, that’s always existed and takes form each time our souls meet and merge again through many lifetimes. Everyone has their own timing. Everyone has their own path, crossing and diverging as it will. We can’t hold onto things too tightly; we can only flow with change as best we can, caring for ourselves, giving ourselves all the love we need. I am the phoenix rising from the ashes, constantly evolving and being reborn, stronger and more beautiful than before. And you all are too. I truly believe that.

On a more turn up note, December marks HellaPinay.com’s 2-year anniversary!!!!! And in keeping with the theme of change and growth, gird yr collective loins boos cuz it’s coming!!! In this last month of the year, take care of yourselves, love yourselves, trust yourselves and accept all the blessings coming your way - even if they might arrive in the guise of some bullshit. And keep it moving. Trust me, it’s all meant to be.

<3 Steph

Thumbnail illustration: Kintsugi by Jacquelin de Leon


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