Letter From the Editor: April

Honestly, I feel like the full moon as we rolled into April was trolling me for real. Like Hey you have hella shit to do? Nah, not happening. Tbh that, combined with this gnarly Mercury Retrograde, is still really whupping my ass. I'm freaking exhausted and scrambling to stay afloat, yet also really happy and fulfilled at the same time?? Def reminding myself all the time to be grateful that I know my purpose and am able to work on it every day.

I been wanting to apologize for the lack of content and lack of in-depth Instagram posts these past few months, shit's been crazy and I've been having a hard time keeping up with all the work as I make real moves to grow this brand. I really really miss being able to spend time researching women in history, precolonial mythology, textiles, doing #PinayCrush features, etc...but I know that taking this step back has been important and that when we do reemerge next month, it will be hella tite. Maybe I should put out into the universe that I really need a business partner or a managing editor or investors or an intern (and likely all of the above) so I'm just gonna do it. Holler.

I do know that making a big decision always sets a whole shitload of other things into motion. Since deciding to uproot myself from New York and crash in my mom's living room indefinitely as I work to get this business off the ground (the glamorous life of a fashion designer and magazine editor! lmaoooooo ughhhhhh) there have been too many changes, opportunities, and synchronicities to count. I've lost people who I thought were ride-or-dies for life for reasons I don't understand at all yet simultaneously have had experiences with new homies that will live in my heart forever; I've been asked to participate in projects with people I never dreamed I'd have the privilege to work with; I feel like I'm starting to step into my power. Whether these incidents are painful or amazing, I have to believe that they're all part of the universe clearing my way for me and telling me to keep on, full steam ahead.

As Filipinas, I'm struck by how many of us are hustlers - whether it comes from being immigrants, being raised by immigrants, or just the resilience built into our DNA, I honestly feel like every single Pinay I encounter these days is a multi-hyphenate with hella accomplishments and exciting projects in the pipeline and juggling a million things. I continue to be astounded at our collective ability to create and persevere. May we all find small ways in our daily lives to remind ourselves: You're the fucking bomb. Be proud of where you are, wherever that may be. You probably had to overcome a lot of shit to be here.

Here's to a new season and to the second coming of Hella Pinay! I can't wait to reveal everything we've been working on.

<3 Steph

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