#MusicMonday: Asukal "How It's Gonna B" Video


Back in October, we'd shared Asukal's first EP Purity a self-written and produced post-breakup record that juxtaposed self-reflective lyrics with a sugary pop aesthetic. Now, the Manila-raised, Brooklyn-based self-described candi rAt pop producer/artist/DJ has released her first music video for the single "How It's Gonna B," a kind of hyper-cute/icky-gross surreal fantasy in which she holds a giant fish, gets smeared with ube ice cream, and even does a little neon-lit choreo.

“The premise of the song is an exploration of self and independence after a bad relationship," Asukal told Milk. "There’s a burst of pink feminine energy right from the first scene, but with a closer look, the Spaghetti O’s and Spam don’t look as cute and appealing. It parallels my song production and melody emphasizing a bubbly optimistic journey with lyrics that are a bit darker and heavier. Sometimes you just need to embrace emotions in a convoluted and messy situation to fully process it and move on.”

Check out the video below and stream Asukal's Purity EP here.

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