#MusicMonday: Ayvee "Free" Premiere

Photo courtesy of Ayvee

Photo courtesy of Ayvee

This #MusicMonday, we've teamed up with San Francisco-based singer Ayvee to premiere her latest single, "Free." A multi-talented singer, songwriter, rapper, producer, and sound engineer, Ayvee has lent both her voice and pen to music heard on productions for The Oxygen Network and Sony/Tristar Pictures. After losing her voice for 9 months to a debilitating health condition last year, Ayvee is a testament to healing through self-care and sheer tenacity whose raw and introspective lyrics reflect her thought process and life experiences, with themes encompassing relationships and personal awakening.

"The song 'Free' represents a way for me to self-identify as a woman of color in the current social and political climate. I like to think of the song as more of a sketch because it's a raw, emotional piece that communicates its message in under two minutes. A lot of the material I've written lately deals with relationships and their dysfunctions. However, this song addresses the dysfunction of a nation."

Check out the track below and follow Ayvee here.

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