Letter From the Editor: August

So it's already mid-month and I'd thought about just saying fuck it on writing this letter, but I love y'all and want to reconnect on all the dope shit happening over here (and with me cuz Leo rising, duh). Things this month have seemed even more busy than usual (was it possible??) but also it's like absolutely everything has been aligning and falling perfectly into place somehow. I feel like I've been in the process of becoming, in every sense of the word. I feel energy radiating from deep inside and flowing out through my fingertips and hair into the environment and literally shaping the air around me. I feel powerful, beautiful, alive. I'm making space in my life for that transformative love affair I always secretly longed for but deep down thought I didn't deserve or that didn't exist. I realize I'm having it with myself. 

I'm in love with the potential in everything, unfolding at its own pace. To feel this kind of love and hope in the world as it is now feels like a gift and a paradox. I go places and observe how people move, and it makes me hella sad. How people treat each other like everything is disposable, including each other and this earth that gives us life. I'm told that this is just how it is, that everything is falling apart, I should prepare to get played, it happens to everyone, and I say - fuck that. I refuse to participate or be discouraged. This is my form of resistance. To fight back in my own small ways, to treat others with kindness, to create spaces for members of our community to feel joy and to be seen and heard. If we don't like how the world is, I firmly believe that we need to work to create a better one.

This month, we're finally throwing our first event in Oakland on the 25th! It's called SALBAHE (inspired by the legendary K Rizz song) and is all about reclaiming language, showcasing WOC DJs and vendors, creating a safe POC-centered space, and turning tf up. We're also happy to welcome on board our new social media intern, Sasha Penano, to get that IG back on and poppin - I know I've fallen off on it and it's been skressing me out for the longest so I'm suuuuuper excited she's joining the team!

As we move through this intense eclipse/retrograde season, listen to your body and spirit and do what you need to care for yourselves through these many transitions. May you too stand up for what you believe in, for how you want to be treated, and carve a small space for love and hope in this world. 

<3 Steph


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