Pinay Zodiac: Taurus/Diyan Masalanta

Pinay Zodiac // Created in collaboration with Jodinand Aguillon and shot on location in Manila, PH. Bridging Philippine mythology and Western Astrology, this series re-envisions ancient Filipina goddesses for the modern diaspora.


Diyan Masalanta, the Tagalog goddess of love, childbirth and peace is symbolic of the archetypal feminine - the benevolent force that represents a container for growth and brings us joy through beauty and connection, much like Venus. All ancient cultures revere the planet Venus as having a fortunate and feminine influence. In the Zodiac sign of Taurus, the beauty of Venus is then grounded into the Earth and physical pleasure. Diyan Masalanta and Taurus share the love of the Earth. Through sensuality we experience the enjoyment of all that the Earth provides. The taste of ripened fruit, the grazing of skin on skin, a reminder that existence is a symphony of sensation.

Life’s pleasures are the same for us all; We all want ease, abundance, prosperity and security. The fruits of pleasure are the result of a stable foundation. The flowers in a field are the highest expression of a healthy environment, where the conditions are right for growth and love.

Food, water and shelter are at the core of peace and love. Diyan Masalanta aligns us to the fundamental gift of our birthright, to experience love - Love as sensuality, love as true security, love as the beautiful Earth beneath our feet.

Uranus in Taurus

In March of 2019, Uranus, the planet of breakthroughs and innovation, officially entered the sign of Taurus. Within the first week of Uranus starting to move into Taurus in May of 2018, several earthquakes occurred throughout the world and many forest fires blazed across the US’ west coast in subsequent months. Historically, Uranus in Taurus is associated with natural disasters, and we can expect this theme to continue as Uranus will be in Taurus for the next seven years.

The ancient Tagalogs prayed to Diyan Masalanta to prevent storms and earthquakes. Diyan Masalanta is not only the Earth Mother for humans, she cares for ALL of the Earth. At this time, the Earth and Diyan Masalanta may be speaking to us through drastic environmental events as a way to call our attention to pollution, deforestation, and climate change.

Horoscopes April 21 - May 21

Taurus season is always a time to align with what gives us peace and security. They can be personal assets like your bank account and belongings, though the heart of Taurus season is a refresher in the core values that your livelihood is built around. This particular Taurus season has an explorative type of feeling when it comes to establishing security. Sometimes it takes breaking consistency in order to create a stronger sense of foundational values. The Sun aligns with Uranus, sparking a change of direction and possible departures on April 22. There may have been a desire to create change that has been building since Spring of 2018, and this week will seem to bring some of those changes into fruition. Be mindful of desires that have been stored away, as any repressions may turn into volatile expression if tucked away too tightly.

The Taurus New Moon on May 4 will be an important time to set intentions for abundance and for aligning your heart and wallet.

Working with this month’s energy involves a sense of flexibility to adjust to sudden inspiration, as well as a need to ground into your goals for security.

Aries + Aries Rising

There has been a strong impulse for you to develop new ways of creating income for yourself. April 22 marks a day when some of those ideas that have been forming will click into place. Taurus season starts off much more active than last month, and you’ll be able to move at a speed you like (fast) through the end of April.  The New Moon on May 4 will tie in the challenges from last month in terms of focus on self vs. focus on work. You will see some gains and progress on May 11-13 depending on how well you applied effort to the career delays you experienced during April and early May. Money will be flowing starting May 15, as Venus stimulates your income for the next 25 days. Enjoy the fruits of all your labor at the end of this Taurus season; just remember to be diligent.

Taurus + Taurus Rising

Do you feel thunder under your feet? Itching to change your look or to find new ways of presenting yourself in the world? April 22 will bring on a spark of inspiration for you. Make a birthday wish to be open to any of the new ideas about yourself that are about to be born. Use the New Moon on May 4 to shift any patterns of self-doubt and outdated beliefs that are challenging to the new ways you’re trying to bust out and express yourself. A renewed sense of security exists in your ability to find authentic expression. The first half of this month will bring you inward to a place of introversion. Your main star Venus enters Taurus on May 15 bringing in magnetism and feel-good vibes, and will stay there for 25 days. Enjoy!

Gemini + Gemini Rising

Follow your inner voice. You have been feeling a push to look at patterns of doubt and the ways that you prevent yourself from shining. On April 22, it will be time to see your mental patterns very clearly and a breakthrough may occur through realization, or a push to create tangible changes. Most of this month will have you in a more introverted place, with a feeling of needing to slip away and take some space. Use the New Moon on May 4 to do what is necessary to clear your head of negativity and find the right attitude to maintain healthy and productive practices. By applying effort you’ll find that any inner inquiry will become clear by May 11-13 and be much easier through the rest of the month.

Cancer + Cancer Rising

The challenge of needing to prove yourself from the past month is met with a sense of exploration with how you want to apply yourself in your friendships. April 22 brings the impulse to switch up your social circles and then sets the tone for the month. Set some intentions on the New Moon on May 4 to devote yourself only to nourishing, reciprocative and supportive community. This month will be busy and social, so pace yourself. You’ll find a lot of value in networking starting May 11 through the end of the month - turn on the charm and have fun!

Leo + Leo rising

Feeling hot? Hope you are taking advantage of the opportunity to shine this month. The immense urge to change the way your work looks has been culminating, and on April 22 there should be a major push. Use the New Moon on May 4 to solidify some career intentions for the year. There will be a lot of positive activity in your career this month, so continue to apply yourself as you will see a stable flow from May 11 through the end of the month. Finding the balance of managing your time and schedule will be important as your health also calls for attention, especially during the last week of April. The workflow and deep relaxation balance is crucial!

Virgo + Virgo rising

Finding inspiration becomes a major theme for you this month. April 22 will bring in new possibilities of expanding your education or philosophy. How does travel sound to you right now? That energy is hot for you this month. Use the New Moon on May 4 to set intentions of calling in what will help to cultivate your passions further. It’s important to add some knowledge to your inventory right now, and taking yourself out of your comfort zone will help you move through any creative blocks. The Full Moon on May 18 will be a great time to devote yourself to learning something new, so catch that wave of inspo!

Libra + Libra rising

There is a strong impulse that has been building around your personal power. The art of sharing and sharing yourself is not unfamiliar to you, though April 22 can be a time where there is a change in how you relate intimately to others. How can you define your personal freedom while still feeling comfortable enough to ask for help? A true exchange is free from the need to be indebted to another. Keep this idea in mind throughout the month, as opportunities come your way to form intimate connections with others. The New Moon on May 4 and Full Moon on May 18 will illuminate these themes for you.

Scorpio + Scorpio rising

What is blossoming in your relationships? There has been an impulse to stir things ups with your connections to keep them new and interesting. April 22 will be a time that this realization will sink in further, so don’t be surprised if you need someone new on this date or through the month. Use the New Moon on May 4 to redefine who you want in your life in terms of partnership. There is room for you to expand your previous definition and include a renewed sense of exploration. Make sure that these new ways of connecting and relating are based in authentic communication. If you’re looking to meet someone new, the Full Moon on May 18 has a great energy for you.

Sagittarius + Sagittarius Rising

How’s that work and life balance been? There seems to be a continuing theme of dichotomy between your personal growth and how you’re organizing your time. April 22 may be the time that you decide to switch things up, setting the tone for the month. Allow a sense of irregularity to creep into your schedule, as there may be an underlying sense of boredom with your work. The New Moon on May 4 will be a time to hook up your health regimen and set intentions to feel aligned and balanced with your creative, personal and work selves.

Capricorn + Capricorn rising

Feeling loose and playful? Try it out this month. There are plenty of reasons to be very serious this year, but there’s a creative influence blossoming for you on April 22. Utilize the New Moon on May 4 to call in creative flow or to give birth to a passion project. A feeling of focusing on your physical body has been building, and during the last week of April it will call for more attention. Make sure your body is in good condition so that you can enjoy the sensual pleasures coming your way this month.

Aquarius + Aquarius rising

Are you in the process of rewriting your story? April 22 seems to capture the restlessness that has been building when it comes to your home environment. How can you keep things exciting while still having a sense of security? The New Moon on May 4 is a time to set intentions for how you relate to your foundations - your emotional home and your physical home. This month is all about creating more space to update and define yourself. Declutter your physical space and cut off some old emotional stories and conditioning that has run its course.

Pisces + Pisces Rising

Time to roll out some of those wonderful ideas that have been brewing for you. April 22 will be a time that inspiration is flowing for you, so seize the opportunity to learn new skills. Your mind may feel electrified with excitement throughout the month, and it will feed your projects and that blossoming career. Don’t feel discouraged if your main goals for the year are seeming to slow down. Use the New Moon on May 4 to honor your needs for change, movement and fluidity in your style of communication. Taking some time to slow down and cultivate genius into your approach will help feed your process.

Photography: Dar San Agustin
Art Direction & Styling:
Jodinand Aguillon
Anissa Aguila
Hair: Leslie Ferrer Espinosa
Makeup: Crista Aguinaldo
Models: Alexa Arabejo and Zee


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