#MusicMonday: CHARSOLI "Enough"

Image courtesy of CHARSOLI

Image courtesy of CHARSOLI

This #MusicMonday, check out the latest single by Toronto-based singer-songwriter/producer CHARSOLI! Self-written and produced, “Enough” is a two-part single about going through the tumultuous tides of a toxic relationship and finally coming to the realization that you are worthy of something greater - that you are enough. The follow-up to her 2017 debut EP To Fruition, “Enough” continues to build on the themes of self-awareness and vulnerability and dives into the difficult journey of recognizing one’s self-worth.

“It was a beautiful sense of release when writing these two tracks,” CHARSOLI explains. “I was experiencing a major loss of identity and self-worth after leaving a tumultuous relationship and yet I was able to transform the heaviest pain I’ve ever felt into ‘Enough’. Revisiting the moments of my past that inspired these songs was very difficult but it helped to cement the most important lessons I continue to practice: (1) to never depend on external forces to bring me validation and contentment and (2) to hold myself accountable for the decisions I make and the consequences that come from them.”

“Enough” is a painful eye-opener that leads to the discovery of one’s true value. “I kept making the same mistakes and went through the lowest of my lows for a reason. I had yet to learn my lessons” she says, “however the journey has been incredibly healing and I’m super grateful for the way everything happened. I’m hoping that sharing this part of my story will bring comfort to people who may be going through something similar by reminding them that regardless of what others will make them believe, they are and will always be enough.”

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