Pinay Zodiac: Cancer/Mayari

Pinay Zodiac // Created in collaboration with Jodinand Aguillon and shot on location in Manila, PH. Bridging Philippine mythology and Western Astrology, this series re-envisions ancient Filipina goddesses for the modern diaspora.


Mayari, the goddess of the moon, rules the earth by night. Known as the most beautiful of all the gods, Mayari is associated with revolution, combat, the hunt, weaponry and the night. She is no gentle moon goddess. In Tagalog myth, Bathala, the supreme god, had three children with a mortal woman - Apolaki, god of the sun; Mayari, goddess of the moon; and Tala, goddess of the stars. When Bathala passed away, Apolaki tried to singularly rule over the earth, denying Mayari’s request to share domain. They fought with bamboo sticks and Mayari lost her eye in battle. Feeling remorse, Apolaki apologized and agreed to co-rule with Mayari. Apolaki would hold domain over the day and Mayari would hold domain over the night - however, her light is dimmer than her brother's due to the loss of her eye.

Ruled by the moon, Cancer is naturally protective over the ones that it cares for and over its beautiful gifts of empathy and deep awareness. Much like the qualities of night, Cancer beckons the inquiry of the inner world - the emotions, nurturance, origin & family. Cancer holds the deep memories of your lineage and your personal story.

Call in your lunar warrior, as the time will be ripe to stand up for your needs and define what gives you nourishment. The Summer Solstice is the turning point of the year, where the longest day occurs and the moon begins to slowly take reign over the sky little by little each night.

The start of the summer comes with the most intense and heavy astrology for the year: two eclipses and a very volatile Mercury Retrograde.

The buildup of suspense from the past few months will climax through Cancer season with the eclipses. This can be an incredible time for huge life shifts, getting sober, breaking cycles of abuse, drastic turning points and seeing yourself much more clearly by seeing your own bondages and shadows.

Eclipses occur every 6 months and are very powerful timing mechanisms for change, growth, fated closures and new beginnings. The effect of eclipses can unfold over the 6-month period after they occur.   

Get ready for some ancestral healing?

Something important to consider during these eclipses are the karmic threads that go beyond your our own personal memory. Saturn’s dominant influence this year and with the eclipses has brought many of us to look further into the stories of our lineage.

Saturn is the planet of time, consequence, ancestry and everything that has come before you to create the foundation upon which you stand. That means not just you, but your parents, grandparents and their parents and all of their actions that have come before you as well. Genetics are not just an expression of passing down physical traits. Also passed down through generations are attitudes, behaviors (both good and bad) and unresolved shit basically. These eclipses can speed up the deep awareness to patterns in your life that you perpetuate through your family lineage. This is another opportunity to recognize intergenerational stories that need to be acknowledged, honored, redirected or even broken in some cases.

The lunar ideals of our emotional foundations, comfort, security and nourishment will be highlighted during the eclipses.

Know and hold YOUR story. Take ownership of all the you are, all that has come before you to determine what must be shed on an ancestral level in order to find emotional fulfillment on an individual soul level.

How would it feel to own your entire incarnation and the liberty to clarify the path you walk? To gracefully redirect yourself when need be. Making sure that all the steps in your path belong to you and are a representation of the responsibilities that you wish to uphold.

  • (New Moon) Solar Eclipse in Cancer -  July 2

  • Mercury Rx in Leo - July 7 - Aug 1

  • (Full Moon) Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn- July 16

Horoscopes June 21 - July 22

Aries + Aries Rising

Give yourself the time and space needed to find more quiet and contemplation this month. Get in touch with your feelings and needs. By focusing on your family, which will be the primary theme this month, it may help bring clarity around your own needs. There will be a nagging impulse through the month to reconsider how you have been expressing love and affection. Explore the new pathways you’re creating for emotional understanding and expression.

Taurus + Taurus Rising

Are you ready to take your learning more seriously? This month can quench the thirst for wisdom you’ve been having. Much of your vibe this year has been related to changes and upgrades to self, and this month is no different. As the month goes by it will be important to question your fundamental values. Any arguments in your home will put your values into perspective, so pay attention to the signs.

Gemini + Gemini Rising

You’ve been doing a lot of deep personal inquiry this whole year and this month seems to bring you a milestone in stepping more fully into your worth and confidence. It may feel like a heavy process, but you’ll be so proud of yourself for choosing yourself. Define what is most meaningful to you, and prioritize it.

This month may bring you a lot of snafus and obstacles within your daily flow; be careful, be aware and try to stay aligned.

Cancer + Cancer Rising

When you think of new levels of independence, how does that feel to you?

Authenticity has been building for you this year and a calling to step more into yourself, your needs and desires included. This month will bring a tangible awareness to your needs. Indulge them, with no apologies - It’s your time to engage with others in ways that make sense for you, and release longstanding relationship patterns that are not working for you anymore.

Leo + Leo rising

You’ve been busy and creative these past few months and it may be time for a break to really take in all of your experiences. Taking a break from the world may be exactly what you need this month at some point. A digital detox or forest romp might give you the necessary insight as your imagination and subconscious memory will be very active. You may feel extra agitated this month, in addition to being reflective - find a productive outlet for the impulsive energy.

Virgo + Virgo rising

Don’t be surprised if this month there are some changes in your associations. It seems like you have been needing a circle around you that reflects your newly developing passions. Be ready to experience new ways of connecting with groups that excite and inspire you. This month, pay attention to any blockages you create for yourself to have your associations be a reflection of where you want to be in life.

Libra + Libra rising

The heaviness in your home environment has been an interesting contrast to your desire to show up in new ways at work. This month there will be a shift for you that allows you to bring more focus to your career. There’s a new version of you that is developing and letting go of some old emotional patterns and stories which can free up space for your new expression. Pick your battles wisely this month.

Scorpio + Scorpio rising

What can bring you inspiration right now?

The cultivation of your philosophy has been calling you and this month there will be some big developments. Does it sound like a good idea to take a big trip somewhere? If that’s not in the cards for you, make sure you are filling your cup with the wisdom that you are craving right now. Things at work will be requiring extra attention this month. Be available to any revisions that you will need to address. The insights that you experience during the eclipses may be fuel for the work changes.

Sagittarius + Sagittarius Rising

Feeling in your element has been quite the vibe for you this year. This month there will be some opportunities coming your way to step more fully into your own power. There has been a dance within you around growth and confidence. This month, feel comfortable enough to authentically share yourself with others, as there may be situations that will push you toward new levels of intimacy.

Capricorn + Capricorn rising

While you’ve been busy taking care of yourself there has also been some nudging toward looking at your relationships with others. This month it’s time to test out your sense of balance and your ability to still ‘do you’ while being prompted to show up in connection to others.

Aquarius + Aquarius rising

Put the anxious worrying aside and commit yourself to the daily practices that give you peace. Finding calm has been a big challenge for you this year (and last), though this month you may see some great developments in your ability to define the flow that works for you. Your health and time management are the focus this month.

Pisces + Pisces Rising

Choose joy!

Questions around who you wish to serve have been coming up all year. This month there will be some clear realizations around how you want to share your gifts with others. Additionally, it is so important for you to nourish and give time and energy to expressing your talents and creative process. You have been working hard to support others these past two years. Give yourself the space to give to yourself.

Photography: Dar San Agustin
Art Direction & Styling:
Jodinand Aguillon
Anissa Aguila
Joyen Santos


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