Pinay Zodiac: Virgo/Alunsina

Pinay Zodiac // Created in collaboration with Jodinand Aguillon and shot on location in Manila, PH. Bridging Philippine mythology and Western Astrology, this series re-envisions ancient Filipina goddesses for the modern diaspora.


Alunsina (also called “Laon-Sina”) is a prominent goddess of Panay Island in the Visayas and a major character in Hinilawod, an epic poem of the Sulodnon people. The virgin goddess of the eastern skies, her name is translated to “Unmarried One” or “From a Foreign Land” as she is considered a foreigner who came from the east before the world came into being. Alunsina is known for her immeasurable beauty and long black hair. She is the patron goddess of single women, virgins, housewives, brides. Alunsina is prayed to by young girls in hopes of finding the right partner and to maintain marital fidelity.

In a retelling of the creation story by Rene Villaneuva, Alunsina is married to Tungkung Langit (“Pillar of Heaven”) the great creator, and they live in the highest heavens. In the beginning, Tungkung Langit begins to go to work defining order in the universe and sets motion to the stars. As a creator goddess, Alunsina wishes to help in the creation of the universe. Tungkung Langit tells Alunsina not to worry and that his gifts to her are the stars, the planets, the moon and the wind. Frustrated and disempowered, Alunsina runs away defying Tungkung Langit. She creates the earth and never returns to the heavens. Tungkung Langit’s tears of longing become the rain. He creates thunder and lightning to call for her, though Alunsina becomes deaf to his pleas. 

Virgo: Divine Service

At the core of Virgo we experience the need to be with the grace of service. That our work is necessary, potent and meaningful. 

In our highest earthly experience, we are here to bridge our physical reality with the heavens. Just as Alunsina chose to leave the heavens to fulfill her own role as divine creator - If we embodied the journey of this goddess, to be placed here in temporal skins, what is your divine creation? What is the longing deep within that is your form of grace to be shared? 

When our service is aligned (mind + heart + action), it can feel like the bridge between our mortal physicality and an expression of Spirit. This is the sweet spot that Virgo is always gearing towards. Yet in our humanness, we have judgement. While trying to achieve purity of service, the critical mind can mistake divinity with perfection.

Through discernment, we are able to create more pathways to functionality and limit the messiness and nonsense of disorganization. 

The great gift of critical thinking, which Virgo excels at, can be used to hurt or heal. The focus this month will be to use our active and swift mental faculties to compassionately problem solve and work towards alignment. 

Virgo season this year brings us a concentration of the personal planets (Sun, Mars, Venus & Mercury) traveling through this part of the sky - the temple of work, health and service. Prepare yourself for the mind to be working even when you’re not. Get ready for a truly productive month! 

Put your six pack abs on hold

Virgo, ruled by Mercury, is related to the nervous system and the part of our digestion that breaks down food to assimilate into nutrients. Focusing on digestion will be important this month, especially as Mars in Virgo will overstimulate the nerves. Finding ways to relax the lower abdomen will increase circulation to the digestive organs, easing the mind and body. 

Using a pranayama pillow or a rolled up towel, lay flat onto the pillow across your stomach as it softly places pressure on your lower abdominals. Breathe for several minutes as you feel yourself sinking further into relaxation. Repeat each day in the morning or before bed. 

Herbal Tips:

Overthinking, worrying and flustered thoughts are likely to occur this month. 
Bacopa/Brahmi - Used to nourish the brain, is excellent for studying, clear mind, strengthens memory
Gotu Kola - mood enhancer, reduces stress, improves cognitive function

Horoscopes August 23 - September 23

Aries + Aries Rising

Charge forth with your hustle as a sense of productivity will be felt through the month. On the New Moon on August 30th, set the intention to get your body, mind and regimen tight. It will prepare you for the upcoming positive developments within your workflow. Do not disregard the need for rest and retreat, as the primary focus will be on maintaining your schedule. Make time for daydreaming as it will keep you balanced and less prone to getting frazzled and overwhelmed. There’s a new and inspired way of engaging what productivity really means to you, so explore that thread.

Taurus + Taurus Rising

Your juice is juicy this month and it’s time to put that creative energy to use. How can you best use your passions in a way that you are fully seen as you wish? There are some opportunities coming your way this month so don’t be surprised if you are noticed for your gifts. The New Moon on August 30 will jumpstart a new project, setting the theme for the month. Use your best judgment, as not all opportunities will be as clear as you think.

Gemini + Gemini Rising

It’s a good time to get tender and nestle into some of your inner layers. Virgo season brings that sense of analyzation to your home. The New Moon on August 30th will define a new story for you around your foundations. Throughout the month, you’ll be making new friendships that reflect your core values. Don’t expect perfection: this is all a work in progress that’s getting you closer to defining that sense of intimacy you’ve been exploring.

Cancer + Cancer Rising

This month will have you on the go. It feels busy and productive. You may be running a lot of errands and taking care of odds and ends for work. Try to find some time to squeeze in some mini-sojourns, as they may prove to inspire you. The New Moon on August 30 will bring the desire to learn some new skills, so keep your pen and paper handy.

Leo + Leo rising

How you living, Leo? This month will make you get into the details around your lifestyle. You have been doing a lot to switch up your workflow this month and some room is being created for the cash to flow in, though it’s going to take organization to make it work. Let your creative process be your guide. The New Moon on August 30 will set the tone and bring in some new ideas. Be mindful of the projections of other people this month. Here’s a question: Do those projections from others also influence what your lifestyle needs to look like?

Virgo + Virgo rising

Coming out of hermit mode and into Virgo season!! Time to feel yourself, in all of your exactifying glory lol. The New Moon on August 30 is a sweet time to glide into some creative inspiration and do some good work fortifying your special Self. Venus will be in your sign from Aug 22 - Sept 14 (making you feel pretty) and Mercury will be in your sign from Aug 30 - Sept 14, making you productive and able to speak your mind. If you are interested in doing any rebranding work this is a great time, otherwise it’s a sociable month for you.

Libra + Libra rising

Don’t let your worries get the best of you this month. Take a lot of time to rest, retreat and lay low. There’s a lot you can gain from doing some friendly introspection. The tendency may be there to dissect yourself, so be gentle. Take a trip at some point this month or try working from home! The New Moon on August 30 will open up new ways of looking at your inner patterns and how you process isolation and fear.

Scorpio + Scorpio rising

Use your penetrating mind to look into your friendships and affiliations this month. There’s a lot of room to assess, make changes and tweak your connections to others. It’s not about them, it’s about the ways that you are communicating and how you’re engaging. There will be plenty of social opportunities to test this out, so use the New Moon on August 30th to call in the community feels that you want.

Sagittarius + Sagittarius Rising

Opportunities will be popping up within this month. It may feel like a lot of projects that you have been preparing are going to be coming to fruition at this time. Use the New Moon in August 30 to ground in some plans for the next six months. The vibes are hot for you, take advantage of this and remember to ground into your foundational values. As you grow and develop, this month also challenges you to embrace your highest visions without losing sight of your core.

Capricorn + Capricorn rising

The ways in which you discern what is true to you are being tested this month. The New Moon on August 30th opens up new ways of developing your personal philosophy. Taking a trip or having a new adventure will shake up any pensive personal inquiry. The insights gained this month will feed and stabilize your creative processes. The subtlety of your dreams can bring you to new perspectives.

Aquarius + Aquarius rising

Would you agree that sometimes it may be easier to relate to the feeling of not being from this world? 

This month it may be a great practice to explore all the ways that you are not embodied. What would it feel like to focus on the ideals and ways that make you feel empowered?

Being empowered means being fully engaged - physically, mentally, spiritually. Throughout the month, these ideas of empowerment can develop through grounding in your groups and associations. On the New Moon on August 30th, set intentions to honor your deep sense of purpose.

Pisces + Pisces Rising

How’s the synergy in your relationships right now? The New Moon on August 30 sets the tone for the month, as you’ll be looking deeply into your connections with others. Productivity can flow by working well with others. Continue to pursue your growing visions of career, and apply diligence and consistency as the last weeks of September will challenge your ideals.

Photography: Dar San Agustin
Art Direction & Styling:
Jodinand Aguillon
Anissa Aguila
Maronne Cruz


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