Kapwa Tarot Deck

Kapwa Tarot Deck


The Kapwa Tarot Deck include 78 originally illustrated images by artist and cultural bearer (and Hella Pinay contributor!) Jana Lynne "JL" Umipig. The Kapwa Tarot Deck designs are filled with Pilipinx symbology and Ancestral teachings channeled through JL’s prayer and visioning. The cards come with an e-booklet interpreting the imagery and bringing forth lessons written by JL with inspiration from her ancestral heritage rooted in the Philippines.

NOTE from JL:

I created them to be guides and teachers on the path toward re-membering and healing. I believe that life is a continuous journey of re-membering, learning and healing, especially for the circles of people who have been oppressed, exploited, harmed and killed for the creation and maintaining of colonization. Do not be mistaken, these cards are not only for Pilipinx, or even just for People of Color, they are for everyone to learn from - to find understanding of the truths within ourselves and around us on Sacred Land, connected to all that is living and all that is Divine that will lead us toward true Liberation. Some truths are more difficult than others to confront, those are the ones that you should sit with and listen to with all parts of yourself.

You can use the cards like oracle cards, pulling one or two for advice, for clarity, for affirmation in times of questioning. Or you can pull a card a day as a way to begin or close your evening. Sit with the cards for a period of time, let the images and the words from the booklet move you.

I pray you allow these cards be mirrors, let them be guides, let them remind you of what has been seemingly forgotten, let them heal what has been injured and traumatized, let them speak and echo the truths that are always within you and around you, let them be prayer that inspires you toward action, let them root you in Kapwa.

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